Actions & Outcomes in Sales & Service

Getting right to the point: the desired goal and outcome of sales, customer service and relationship management initiatives is improved profit

Profit growth results from retaining valuable customers and cost-optimizing customer service.  Valued customers are acquired by the Sales process and enhanced and retained in the ongoing Service process.

Until now, these outcomes could only be measured after the fact, after the actions, often too late in the workflow to improve behaviors and performance.

But, that is finally changing: leaders can now track, measure and reward the accuracy, efficiency, productivity and effectiveness of the sales and service workflow before the actual sale or service result occurs: pre-outcome, during the process.  The potential cost-savings and revenue-growth potentials of these capabilities will be breakthrough game-changers for adoptees. 

It works with new virtual “listening” and recording software technologies enabling the capture and measurement of all transactional screen-flow and keystroke activity that takes place on core service platform systems during customer sales transactions and service interactions; even providing pre-programmed field-by-field coaching tips along the way.

The consolidation of these workforce-to-customer sales and service workflow actions quickly and precisely identifies process successes, error reduction opportunities, workflow efficiencies and inefficiencies, best-practices, service gaps, and workforce training needs: all down to each specific workforce member.

Employee performance management, scorecards, and incentives can then be based not just on end-result achievements, but also on the prerequisite behaviors and processes that make those outcomes possible.  This answers questions not only about sales and relationship productivity results, but now also about the sales and service workflow processes that drive that success. 

The results: a better trained workforce, performing sales processes more productively and service processes more efficiently, vast cost savings, more revenue, more satisfied customers, greater relationship retention, and improved profits: the ultimate outcome of sales and service initiatives. 

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