Rule 13: Role & Timing

The Role & Timing Rule:  Recognize and Reward Individuals for Events, and Teams for Processes

In observing and participating in the design and implementation of performance management, recognition and incentive plans, we’ve identified an indicator that correlates strongly with plan relevance and success:

Workforce members that perform regularly quantifiable point-in-time Events (such as a sale, a referral, item production, transaction, error production) should be assessed and rewarded against individual goals.

Workforce members that participate in the performance of Processes over multiple periods of time (such as customer service quality, portfolio management, project implementation), performance factors generally dependent on multiple co-workers, should be assessed and rewarded against team or group goals (where all inter-dependent co-worker participants share in a pool incentive/bonus/merit distribution).

Identifying whether the work at hand is Event or Process, conducted and achieved Point in Time or Period of Time, has been instrumental in resolving some of the most challenging performance/reward situations.

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