Getting & Keeping Workforce Engagement

Lest we forget, it’s your workforce that actually does the work to execute strategies to fulfill your goals and objectives. And, if your workforce isn’t “bought in”, or engaged, in your goals, objectives, strategies, and action plans, those simply won’t be achieved.

Getting, and keeping, workforce engagement is critical to success. It depends on the performance management equivalent of financial “materiality”: Relevance. For your goals and strategies to be successfully accomplished, they need to be aligned, relevant, and meaningful to the nature of the workforce, and their enabling processes and technologies.

Consistent priorities are a vital element of relevance and engagement. Most organizations fail not because of absent priorities, but because of too many contradictory priorities and their competing resources and processes. People start out working hard to succeed, but when they discover they’re working at competing or net-zero cross-purposes with co-workers, they disengage and perform at the minimum, not the optimum.

Timely, accurate, and precise performance information feedback reporting is another essential ingredient. You will be amazed at how much performance results can be improved simply by providing your workforce with time-relevant role-precise performance results. People want to succeed. You just need to clearly tell them what that actually means.

Finally, since performance incentive, commission and recognition programs are one of the organization’s most explicit expressions of “how to succeed here”, creating and implementing role-precise and time-relevant variable compensation plans, whether non-cash, cash or equity, is a key best-practice for getting, and keeping, the attention of the people who perform for you.

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