What Gets Measured Gets Done

Performance Management will not work without effective feedback, reporting and information.

Once people have goals and targets, to keep them quickly adaptable to Plan changes and evolution over time, and to clearly communicate actual performance results, you need a comprehensive automated performance measurement system.

The Truth that “What Gets Measured Gets Done” is evident because measurement systems are explicit and overt statements from the enterprise to its workforce on how Success is happening, or not.   Read more

Lifecycle-Driven Workforce Incentives

When it comes to paying incentives/commissions/bonuses, at a high level, we’ve seen success with the general rule “reward individuals for events, reward teams for processes”.  But, there’s more precision needed to make incentive compensation plans produce the optimal strategy-aligned results.

Using the wrong metrics and incentives as they relate to both customer and workforce expectations, and to market/competitive conditions, will not yield desired strategic outcomes.

From our vantage point, incentive/bonus/commission compensation plans need to reflect not just overall enterprise strategic objectives, but also local market/channel Customer, Product and Employee Lifecycles; including full consideration of cross-dimension Customer, Employee, Market/Competitive Profiles.    Read more