Absentee Leadership Dooms Performance

One of the biggest misconceptions business and organization leaders worldwide have regarding performance incentive/ recognition/ merit plans is summed up in statements too frequently heard: “if we implement this performance incentive plan it will (choose one or more): manage itself, solve most of our problems, achieve most of our goals, bring us success”. 

The reality is that it doesn’t work out that way.  In fact, it is a guaranteed disaster; it is just a matter of ‘when’. 

Under-managed and un-managed incentive/recognition/merit plans are one of the most notorious proving grounds for the “law of unintended consequences”.  Many of history’s most notable and legendary business and organization catastrophes have had their fundamental roots in under-management.  And, there have been more organizational failures as a consequence of absentee leadership and senior management than virtually all other factors.    Read more

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