Rule 20: The Reality Rule

The Reality Rule:  Evolve Performance Management Implementation Over The Long-Term

Over the years, the debate about Performance Management effectiveness has echoed broader multi-year transitions in macro-strategic priorities: shifting and re-aligning based on whether enterprises were externally-focused (Customers, CRM, Revenues) or internally-focused (Employees, ERP, Expenses); centralized or de-centralized; regulated or de-regulated; and, supply-driven or demand-driven.

The vantage point of long-term observation over multiple business cycles and shifts tells us that the success of Performance Management programs has as much to do with what they are, as with how they’re executed

The conclusion?  The more “native” and natural Enterprise Performance Management is to an organization, the more successful and effective it will be, regardless of period-to-period market or economic conditions.

Fundamentally, if an enterprise itself exists in a competitive environment (competing for customers, supporters or budgets), where the “stronger, faster, smarter, or stealthier” survive and thrive, then that enterprise itself requires individual workforce members to bring strength, speed, intelligence, stealth, or a combination thereof to their job. 

Intelligently conceived Enterprise Performance Management plans (the “What”), intelligently implemented (the “How”), unequivocally motivate individual workforce members (the “Who”) who are attracted to enterprises where their personal motivations and skills will be aligned, valued, recognized, and rewarded.  For businesses, organizations and governments, this is the ultimate “Win-Win”.

Again, the reason is basic:  Humans love to succeed, everywhere, all of the time.  

So a key to success for competitive enterprises is to attract, retain and optimally enable the right workforce.  That requires being perceived by leading recruiting candidates as the right place to work.  And, that requires starting, sustaining, and evolving a long-term implementation of comprehensive Enterprise Performance Management; fundamentally committing to EPM as a core, native, enterprise-wide “…Way We Do Business Here”.

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