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Performance Management is not software that tracks workforce competencies, assessments and job histories.  Employee/Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is a fundamental approach that applies the same process, procedure and technology rigor, consistency, and universality to organization and workforce performance as now broadly applied to Financial Resource Management. 

EPM’s objective is to create a coherent and comprehensive environment within which a workforce can thrive and optimize, and an organization can fulfill its potential and achieve its objectives. 

Beyond just theory, EPM embraces the broader day-to-day street-level realities of linking the strategies, tactics, customers, managers, workforce, technologies, and business process execution that make success happen.

In our performance and growth strategy development and implementation client work over the past quarter century, we’ve discovered and evolved a range of guidelines that define the keys to success in rigorous and integrated Performance Management.  Based on the foundation of these guidelines, we’ll post ongoing observations, information, and opinions about business, organization, and government and their ongoing performance management initiatives.

With this unparalleled experience and achievement, our team of seasoned experts provides comprehensive performance management and growth strategy development and execution advisory services to businesses and organizations.

If we can assist you in designing and implementing optimally effective Performance Management in your organization, please contact us via email at:

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